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Fenner Grants Three Wishes with Triflex Couplings

Do you want drive trains with resistance to shock stress? With silent operation? Or do you want the capability to adjust your couplings to compensate for misalignment? The new Fenner® TriFlex Couplings give you all three.

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A Question of Timing

98% of belt failures are the result of incorrect selection or poor installation or maintenance. So maybe it’s time to forget friction belts and chose timing belts – which can be maintenance-free for life. - Gary Price (Fenner Europe)

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Hygienic Geared Drives, the SAFE solution

90% of bacterial contamination is caused by bad hygienic design. Don't be part of those statistics. Use Fenner Hygienic Geared Drives.

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Distributor Feature: Srisuwan Technology Co. Ltd, Thailand.

Sprockets are for chains and chains are for sprockets. Together, they transmit power from one component to another. What a great illustration to describe the power couple who has been running Srisuwan Technology Co., Ltd. in Thailand for almost 5 years now. We're giving you an inside scoop on their love story, the birth of Srisuwan and inspiring advice from the couple.

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Fenner Distributor Conference 2018

FPT hosted the Fenner Annual Conference 2018 held on the 12th and 13th December 2018 in Oasia Hotel Downtown, Singapore.

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30 Years and Counting

People, as they say, are and always will be the company’s greatest asset. Check out this article as Mr. David Ang, who is celebrating his Pearl Anniversary or his 30th years of service in FPT Far East Pte Ltd, shares the secrets on how to make employees stay with you for decades. 

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