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Fenner Adapts to Market Demand for High Performance PT Chain

17 November, 2017

New to the Fenner range is an adapted chain offering to provide end-users with a more robust and reliable high performance power transmission system for use in hostile environments.

The Fenner PLUS range of adapted chains builds on the existing heritage and expertise within the power transmission market to deliver a new adapted chain with the optimum combination of tensile strength, wear resistance and fatigue life to cope in highly demanding industrial applications.

Available in both carbon and stainless steel variants, the new range of Fenner PLUS adapted chains meets the British (BS) standard specification. In order to offer a much more resilient offering and extended chain life, the new PLUS range also includes solid rollers which are manufactured to achieve a much higher surface hardness than traditional chains, and also features shot peened plates for increased fatigue resistance. 

What's more, all Fenner PLUS chain plates are progressively punched to give excellent accuracy of both diameter and pitch, and can operate successfully without regular lubrication.
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